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  • Heat Camera Evidence For Unidentified Creature - Boogeymen - Storsie

    In the Swedish province of Jamtland, a local legend of a lake monster dating back centuries has found new life as eyewitness accounts continue to describe strange sights in the chilly waters of Lake Storsjön. The creature, described as having the body of a snake and a “cat-like” head, is known as Storsie, and researchers claim to have found compelling evidence for its existence using heat-sensitive cameras.


  • Ancient Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain
    Ancient Discoveries 


  • 8785332481?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • saved by her cattle - those brave cows I was surprised a werewolf would keep a distance from them

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    • Head Admin

      That was a pretty good video and would make a person believe there really are werewolves! Wow :))

    • so you sont believe in the supernatural?


  • 7470517481?profile=RESIZE_930xin this area we had an entity that kept telling us to get out and go away. Another that was a child who kept saying hi. Someone even called us bitches..which was kinda disturbing. 

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