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  • Good morning - its been a while, I am hoping to ump back in to my studies


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    Being A Witch.

    Quiet your mind & focus your intent.

    Building the powerfor a magick event.

    Round in a circle clock wise we go.

    Faster & higher the energy will flow.

    Ring your bells & dance around.

    Shows the Gods & Goddesses our love abounds.

    Raising the cone of power you see,

    It's as easy I tell you as 1-2-3.

    A dab of oil, the insense smoke floats.

    Carrying the messages of our written notes.

    Lighting the candles & invoking the Divine.

    So they may join us in this circle of mine!

    We give great respect & give thanxs for our day.

    We worship our Gods & Goddesses in Harmony.

    They take good care of us they do you see.

    It's a wonderful relationship, pure & free

    Blessed Be    RuneWitch.

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    • I know this is an older post but I really enjoyed this and I typed it out for my own reference and I appreciate the common-sense of it. In the end it is the person and their ability to focus that is important

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