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    This is Smokey Queen: she is 21 yrs old in April next yr.  

    She is Russian Blue and Siamese. 

    We have had her since she was less then 3 weeks old.

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        Eva she will be 23 yrs this april and hope for another atleast 5 yrs for her.

        She does limp alot and hips a bit out of rotation, but she loves to cuddle on the sofa and come to our bed at night for a bout 15 minutes then goes to her own bed to sleep... She is a wonderful kitty.

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    Our Dakota.  He is a resue dog.   

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    Banshee 9 months

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    • I can't fix the picture to rotate. I don't know why its sideways. anyways my 8 month old doberman


      • How Cute

        • thank you


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