This group is about dreams and any information you may have about dreams.  Share a dream you have had and what you think it means or maybe you had a dream and want to know what others may think it means.

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  • My mom was an over the road truck driver ..i say was cause she died July 23 2018

    i was riding with her and i fell asleep in the front seat of the truck, and i had this dream my self and several other people i don't know who was in this adobe looking building and the people i didnt know was standing in a row facing me i was on my knees in front of them. There were these 3 men i also didn't know one had a pillow up next to my head and i saw the worried look on the other peoples faces, when i heard what sounded like a gun cock, at that moment i knew what was happening i felt the bullet hit the side of my head and that is what woke me up . In the spot the bullet hit my head hurt for like 3 weeks after .

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    A question--- I have been dreaming about spiders for the last month.  nothing scarey or freaky, they are just there in the dream doing almost nothing.   It has beothered me enough to finally admitt it.   needs some answers if anyone can explain why i am having every dream I remember has a spider of different sort and colors in them???? Please help if you can.

    You can private pm me if you want or need to.   Blessed Be!!!   RW

  • Hi everyone.  New in the group.  I hope I will be able to share about my gift without being judged.  Blessings. 


    • Welcome to the group Tameria!  No judging here.  Please share!  I started this group a long time ago.  It needs new stuff!!!!

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  • Hope you dont mind, Shylyn, I adjusted your group home page, added the abilty for HTML comments, and your comment section is in middle of page, forum access on the left and photo access on the right.  Any questions, complaints, or concerns let me know:)

    • Don't mind at all Shade.  I was just getting it started and just hadn't looked into how to do that (LOL).  Thanks for your help.

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